Transcrane logistics

About us

Your business in good hands.

Safe in the knowledge that all runs well.
That is our purpose
in all the services we provide.

Transcrane Logistics combines all the necessary equipment and resources to implement solutions of transport, lifting and logistics tailored to various needs.

We are prepared to support your structure. Since 2012, the year of our foundation, we ensure a service of excellence and we guarantee that, while our customer, your business is in good hands. Based in Nacala and with delegations in Maputo
Temane (Vilanculos), Tete and Pemba, we are ready to provide the best service anywhere within the national territory.

There are values which we won’t compromise.

The trust in our professionals
The quality of our equipment
The excellence of our service


Is our main asset and an element of differentiation in the market. A team that, with their sense of responsibility, dedication and professionalism, ensures all the comfort and efficiency in meeting the needs of our customers.

We have the duty and we are proud of always being up to date, with modern, robust, high quality and sophisticated machinery ready to support your business.

It’s our reason-why: to provide an unmatched service to our customers, contributing to the development of its activity and to the success of their projects.


A team always ready to work.

The quality of our equipment is crucial, but the quality of those who operate it is essential.

We spare no efforts, we invest in professionalism, training and certification of our human resources, which is as essential as the investment in the best equipment.

In command of our fleet are trained and certified professionals, experienced and dynamic, with a keen sense of responsibility and a great familiarity with the national territory.

Our commitment goes further than our sector.

Social responsibility is truly important for us.

The National Park of Gorongosa was officially created in 1960, being the place with greatest biodiversity on Earth.

Over the war and after the independence, a significant loss of the population of the various animal species was registered.

Transcrane is sensitive to the biodiversity conservation of the Park, it is proud to contribute to the Lions research project, which has the objective of reintroducing and promoting the development of the species, in its natural environment.

We intend to support the preservation of the natural heritage of Mozambique.